Upcoming Events:

  • October 2017

    Threat Intelligence and Counter Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence and Counter Intelligence are programs designed as active measures against those hostile services conducting cyber-espionage, other intelligence activities and sabotage, by preventing damage and information loss for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or individuals sometimes including personnel, physical, digital document or communications security programs.

    Eventbrite Link: Threat Intelligence and Counter Intelligence

Past Events:

CSP CERT® Soft Launch

Cyber Security Philippines CERT® was officially launched in the Philippines on December 2016. We partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the help of CMU CERT® and the US State Department to introduce CSIRT Functions and Capabilities to Philippines.

Our primary advocacy is to Detect, Respond and Secure the Philippine ASN from cyber attacks and Cyber Crime activities. Secondly, we want to share the cyber security knowledge and practice with each local government unit, schools and universities to have a more responsive Cyber Nation.

Microsoft Cyber Security Talks

Digital Transformation gave us the technology and convenience we have today. Things like Internet Of Things (IoT), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), etc. are after effects of this progression. On this monthly talk, we share our best practices with corporations on how we transform organizations from their current state to a Cyber Resilient Future State using the best practices we learned from CERT® practices and being a SEI International Partner.


Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) CyberSecurity Summit – Cyber Range

During the Cyber Security Summit of Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) we were assigned to do their Cyber Range Games in collaboration with FireEye. Here we engaged various universities and taught them the fundamentals of Incident Response and expose them to Nation State's Technique, Tactics and Procedures.

Speaking Engagements:

We are Cyber Security experts by profession and Speakers for Major Events: Protect 2017, IBPAP, PNP Cyber Security Summit, etc. We share best practices and views on Cyber Security matters from Cyber Crime to National Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures.

Law Enforcement:

Shared on how a typical Cyber Kill Chain happens and how it affects anyone, their families and their livehood when an attacker strikes.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Joint Cyber Security Working Group

Active participant of a collaboration effort from the Public and Private Sector to tackle issues regarding Cyber Security. Shared our practice about malware analysis and our research practice. Showcased our capabilities as a CSIRT on how we scan the Philippine ASN and Respond to Cyber Threats.

NBI Cyber Criminal Activities and Forensics Seminar

Our heroes in law enforcement are outgunned and outmatched by advanced attack groups like Nation States, Organized Crime, Hacktivist, etc. We share our professional experiences as bug hunters, incident responders, threat intel researches, SOC and malware analysts to upgrade their capabilities and do collaboration efforts. As we collaborate with international CERT® bodies and other research institutions we try to improve the investigative and take down process of our local law enforcement to stand up against Cyber Crime.

National Defense:

Trying to make a difference with the true heroes that protects the physical and virtual boarders of our country. Helping the Philippine Army improve on their DFIR and malware analysis practice.

Local Government Units:

Cyber Security is a National problem so we work the ground up and up to bottom approach. We visit and discuss the matters of Cyber Security to each LGU and chamber of commerce in the Philippine archipelago for them to understand the Cyber Security laws and how to protect themselves from Cyber Crime and attacks to their businesses or constituents.

Schools and Universities:

We have partnered with various universities to share our practices and experience to the future Cyber Professionals of our Nation. We had a ton of lawyers, doctors, architects, etc. because the community required them. Now as technology progresses, we need more cyber security practitioners. As research institutions like Ponemon, Forbes and Frost and Sullivan would state on their reports: There is a demand of Cyber Security professionals but the lack of applicants. It’s time to show them the way rather than they choose the dark side of the internet.

  • June 2017

    Department of Education – Binan Laguna

    It's never too early to start our youth with the best practices of cyber security. Here we will talk about cyber bullying and the potential careers and courses they can undertake to start their professional life. If other nations have hackers we are producing a nation of CSI – Cyber Responders.

    Advance Cyber Security Seminar – National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) – Manila

    The continuation of a series of seminars where our consulting practice group shares the best practices of vulnerability analysis and penetration testing plus how to detect and respond to the latest zero day exploits you see from the headlines.

  • August 2017

    Basic Malware Analysis Workshop

    Our first of many workshops to come from our professionals in our Research Science group where they talk about analyzing malware (malicious software) using basic tools like system internals and other freely available software to kick start your fundamentals in malware analysis.

    Highlights: Basic Malware Analysis Workshop

  • August 2017

    The Art of Red Teaming

    A Red Team is a group that tests and challenges the existing security posture of an organization. The other term for Red Teaming is "Ethical Hacking" and has a full scope of multi-layered attack simulations from Applications, Networks and Physical Security Controls.

    This seminar will help you to understand the process and importance of having a Red Team in your organization.

    Highlights: The Art of Red Teaming

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